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Tips To Help You Find The ‘Perfect Clients’ For Your Business

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Tallent Agency VA Services

When you work with the “perfect” client, life is wonderful and business is simple. The perfect client pays on time, is thrilled with your work, tells all of her friends about you, and makes doing what you do easy. If you could replicate the perfect client, then business wouldn’t be difficult, right?

Let’s discuss how to locate more perfect clients so you can increase
your income and decrease your not-so-perfect client drama.

First, define your “perfect” client. Write a list of specific items that makes (or you think would make) a client great. Is the client male or female? Does he have children? Is she married?
In what area does the client live? How much money does the client make? What type of car does he drive? What type of personality does the client have? In what age range does the client fall? What does she do for a living?

Once you have a list of criteria that make up your perfect client, find out what the client does in his spare time. What are her hobbies? Does she do charity work? Is he involved with coaching sports for his children? Is she a member of any professional organizations or chambers of commerce? Does your client like to entertain guests in her home? Where does your client shop?

Knowing what your client does with his time will help you know where to market and where to find more perfect clients. For example, if your perfect client is involved with a local charity, you may also want to become a part of that organization to meet other potential clients. If your perfect client is a member of a professional organization, you may be able to write an article or speak for that organization. If your perfect client shops at a particular store, you could make arrangements with the store owner or manager to have flyers about your company at the check out counter or you could do a joint promotional mailing together.
The possibilities are endless – if you understand specifics about your perfect target client.

Also, ask the clients who already fall into the “perfect” category for referrals. My personal favorite way to ask for referrals is to say, “You are my perfect type of client to work with and I’d love to work with more people like you. If you have friends or acquaintances in your niche who need similar projects, please have them call me. You’ve been such a joy to work with.” Then give them a business card or a flyer or other piece of marketing material they could pass on to their perfect friends. You can also include this information in a thank you note or follow up letter.

The more perfect clients you work with, the more opportunities you will find and have to work with other perfect clients. Keep in mind, if you have clients who have been less-than-perfect, they are more likely to refer you to other less-than-perfect people. So, do everything you can to surround yourself with perfect ones, and your business will be wonderful!

I work mostly with other Virtual Assistants, coaches, writers, (doing proofreading & editing) and business owners who are very active on social networks and need assistance with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or other social interaction venues. I get most of my referrals from these past and present clients. I occasionally get asked to do something not in my line of “expertise” and then can add that newly learned skill to my arsenal of tasks I perform as a Virtual Assistant.

Remember, I am a Virtual Assistant who LOVES to do editing and proofreading assignments along with research, blog posts, article submissions and social media maintenance!

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8 tips to Work at Home Successfully

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Tallent Agency VA Services

So, you’ve decided to start a home-based business. Congratulations!

Welcome to the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship.
While there is a lot to learn, your efforts will be worth it.
The thrill of growing your business, the freedom and flexibility
to set your own hours, and the possibilities of ever-increasing
financial rewards are all wonderful reasons to start your
home-based business.

Now that you’ve decided to start your business, you might be wondering,
“How can I get it off to the strongest possible start?”

These eight tips will help:

1) Set up a separate working space in your home. It doesn’t matter if this is a small bedroom, one part of the garage, or a corner of the living room. The important thing
is to have some space that you can designate as your working area. This will give you
the space and room you need to craft your dream.

2) Stock your working space with materials. This sounds basic, perhaps, but one underlying element of success is that you have easy access to the tools, materials, and other resources you need. Gathering everything close by also keeps you from wasting time searching for it, so this step can be considered a time management strategy, too.

3) Speaking of time management, your third step is to define the parameters of your business. What days and hours will you work? When will you market? When will you
provide services or products to clients? How will you keep all of this straight?

4) Balance action with planning. One of the most common pitfalls to successful entrepreneurship is getting too caught up in action without enough planning.
Stated another way, this means that you confuse “being busy” with “working
on important projects.” The best approach is to plan your next couple of goals
and then work backwards to create step-by-step action plans to reach them.
Once you have the plan, then it’s time to take the action.

5) Network like crazy. One of the fastest ways to grow any business is to make connections with other people. Be sure to share your passion and enthusiasm with others at every opportunity. Let people know who you are and what you offer. Remember, people can’t buy if they don’t know you’re selling. Set up a Twitter account; create a Facebook account for both personal updates AND one for your business. This business page is called a fan page. If you offer professional services, set up a profile on LinkedIn right away so clients and customers can find you.

6) Present a professional image. If you want to be treated professionally, present a professional image. Set up a separate bank account for your business. Install a separate phone and fax line. Create professional marketing materials. Be courteous and pleasant in all of your customer-facing interactions. Basically, be someone people want to do business with.

7) Automate your business as much as possible. Granted, you are just one person (right now) and might have a lot of extra time to take care of all the details. This might work for now, but won’t work into the future as you get busier and busier. It’s best to set up automatic systems and processes right from the start to free up your time to concentrate on the most profitable activities.

8) Outsource what you do not like to do or do not know how to do. Hire a Virtual Assistant to help you with office type tasks and hire a ghost writer if you need help with content for your articles and blog posts, etc. Your Virtual Assistant can then set up sites for you to submit them to and even proofread them before they are submitted AND submit them for you!

These eight tips will get your home business started (and growing) in the right direction.

Remember, I am a Virtual Assistant who LOVES to do editing and proofreading assignments along with research, blog posts, article submissions and social media maintenance!

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Spelling Tips & Video to Share

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Tallent Agency VA Services

I am in on a lot of discussions about spelling and grammar and the importance of paying attention to these details in your written correspondences and in your documents, web pages, blog posts, print books and ebooks and more.

I belong to several proofreading, editing and/or writing groups on LinkedIn as well as connecting with people in this niche on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

My best friend, Sharon McPherson, who built this beautiful web site for me and has been my soul-mate running buddy, so to speak, for 13 years shared this video with me from her Google+ account and I wanted to pass it on to my readers.

I would love to hear your comments after you listen to and watch this video.

My main point with sharing this is to let you know that even if you THINK readers really do not care, a LOT of us DO. Fair or not, your credibility and professionalism can be hurt by bad grammar and spelling or using the wrong instance of a word and my goal is to help you concentrate on the wonderful message you have to share and you can let ME worry about the little details.

Some of the most common, as I shared in an earlier post, are: their / there / they’re, its and it’s, your and you’re and then and than.

Their belongs to them. An example is, “They took off their coats as they entered the room.”
There is a place, for example, “He is standing over there.”
They’re is a contraction for They are. “They’re all hanging up their coats over there.”

Its belongs to it. It’s is a contraction for it is. “It’s a well trained dog that can wipe its feet when it comes in the door.”

Your belongs to you. You’re is a contraction for you are. “You are going to learn to wipe your feet when you come in the door.”

Then is a time. Than is an option. I would rather read than do anything else. I force myself to do my chores so that then I get to have reading time.

I hope you enjoy the video and that these tips might help you avoid some of the most common, and to ME, annoying, errors in your writings.

Remember, I am a Virtual Assistant who LOVES to do editing and proofreading assignments along with research, blog posts, article submissions and social media maintenance!

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Over the past 17+ years, Jan Tallent has spent countless hours providing writers and webmasters with free friendly tips on how to correct spelling and grammar errors in their written material.

From the feedback received she decided that since proofreading and editing help was so desperately needed, she should build a business around something she enjoys doing, while at the same time providing a valuable service to business owners and writers.

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