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5 Top Qualities Of A Successful Blogger

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Tallent Agency VA Services

If you want to have a blog that drives massive volumes of traffic
to your website, there are certain qualities that you should have.

Here are some of the qualities that you must have if you want to be
a successful blogger.

1. A serious blogger is hardworking.

As you know, you need to write content for your blog regularly. This means that you will need to do some writing, which requires some effort. You can’t generate huge volumes
of traffic to your blog and website if you are lazy and are not prepared to spend some time writing your content. If you have some funds, you can hire a ghostwriter to write your blog content. One way or another, some effort or resources are required to prepare your blog content.

2. A successful blogger is resourceful and full of ideas.

It is important for your blog to be captivating, useful and interesting so that you have regular visitors as well as new ones. Therefore, you must think about ways of making your blog unique and appealing to your visitors. Think about the needs and interests of people
in your niche and identify what your visitors would like to see on your blog.

3. A successful blogger looks for all the opportunities to make money from the blog.

There are many ways through which you can make money on your blog. You can sell your own products and services, you can sell affiliate products and you can sell some advertising space. If your blog gets high volume traffic, you can make a lot of money with your blog.

4. A serious blogger looks for ways to drive traffic to the website.

You can exchange traffic with other blogs and websites in the same niche. This is particularly effective if these websites have high popularity ranks as this will in turn help to increase your blog and website ranking.

5. A successful blogger never gives up.

It takes time and effort to drive traffic to your blog or website and to start making some sales. Consistent blogging is essential. Never give up.

If you have these five qualities, you can be a successful blogger, generate high volumes
of traffic and make huge online profits.

What makes YOU a successful blogger? I would love to have your comments and tips!

Remember, I am a Virtual Assistant who LOVES to do editing, proofreading
and transcription assignments along with research, blog posts, article submissions
and social media maintenance!

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Set Boundaries to Stay Sane

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Tallent Agency VA Services

This is an article from Donna Toothaker from StepItUpVA who is a coach
for other Virtual Assistants and really knows her stuff.

Set Boundaries to Stay Sane
by Donna Toothaker on FEBRUARY 24, 2011

As a Virtual Assistant, you have the fortunate circumstance of being able to work from home, and work with clients from all over the world via e-mail and phone. At the same time, as an upstart business owner, you also rely on new and longstanding clients for income. Sometimes it can seem like you started your own business only to discover that you have multiple bosses! Here are a few tips to ensure that you always have the ball in your court:

Set expectations early. Be extra clear with potential clients about your services, your work style, what they can expect from you and what you expect from them. Be explicit in defining what you don’t do – as in your services or work style. Things to consider not doing: having an “open door” policy (an invitation to be micromanaged), giving out your mobile number,
or giving the impression that you are in any way “on call”.

Feel free to ID. It may be difficult to let voicemail pick up when you’r e trying to service your clients, but voicemail and caller ID are great time management tools that will allow you to maintain some sanity in your day. Caller ID is also a great barometer for assessing the “neediness” of those clients who tend to micromanage. Outline your voicemail and e-mail-checking routines with clients, and within what period of time they can expect a response, leaving wiggle room for true emergency calls.

It’s nothing personal. Keep your conversations via phone, e-mail, and social media primarily on a professional level. It may be comforting to your clients to know a little bit about you personally, but giving too much information or getting to know your clients too personally opens up a “grey area” from which it is difficult, if not impossible, to return.

So, if you use Facebook for your business, avoid posting personal information, photos, or posts that may be considered off-putting to your clients, even though your friends might respond with an LOL. Use security features to restrict what your clients can see, if necessary.

Say no. When you were just starting out as a VA, you may have said yes to clients, projects and situations that really didn’t serve you in the long run. You may have done it to get experience in a certain area, build up your client roster, to impress a potential client, or in the hopes of getting more business. However, rarely does saying yes to something that doesn’t suit you or pay you a fair price truly help you. Don’t continue to burden yourself by saying yes to clients who demand too much of you and your resources, who constantly haggle or question your fees, or who push you to provide a service outside your scope.
You will find that letting go of them will open a space for a better client to sign on!

Keep the reins of your business firmly in hand by setting boundaries from day one. Doing so will ensure that you will build mutual respect, turn new clients into long-term clients, and truly enjoy working with them.

Donna Toothaker is CEO, founder and coach of Step It Up VA Coaching. These highly sought-after VA coaching programs have been created for established, successful VAs who wish to create the 6-figure business of their dreams. Visit HERE to receive the free report, Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Creating a 6-Figure VA Business.

thanks, Donna, for another great gem I am glad to share with my visitors.

This question goes out to other Virtual Assistants AND our customers:

Where do you draw your lines – what boundaries do you set and expect to have set for you? I would love to hear comments from both sides of the fence.

Remember, I am a Virtual Assistant who LOVES to do editing, proofreading
and transcription assignments along with research, blog posts, article submissions
and social media maintenance!

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6 Tips To Prepare For Your Next Job Interview

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Tallent Agency VA Services

Many years ago, before I had children and then started my own online/offline business, the Tallent Agency as an office services provider,
I worked for a temporary office help agency called Kelly Girl.

I purposely took short term assignments to get the most broad range of experience possible.

One of my duties was with an employment agency. I started as a receptionist but soon climbed up the ladder in that department and was the Human Resources assistant.

Both as a receptionist and later as an assistant, people had to get past me to even GET to the interview stage. These tips below can help ease some of your possible nerves on this venture and pave the way to a successful interview.

Preparing for a job interview can be stressful. You need to make a good impression
and you want the job. Don’t despair. Instead, spend some time and energy preparing yourself as fully as possible.

Here are six easy, yet very important ways to prepare for a job interview:

1. Learn about the company you’re interviewing with. Do as much research as possible.
You can find information from the Internet, the company’s website, periodicals that have published articles about the company and people you know that work for or in association with the company.

2. Understand the company’s market, its products and services and its mission.

3. Practice interviewing. If you’re asked to interview for a job, even if you have no intention of taking the job, go to the interview and get practice!

4. Develop a list of questions that you can ask during your interview. Questions could be regarding company philosophy and goals, enrichment and education programs for employees, outlook and future projects, or anything else that you can think of that is pertinent and intelligent.

5. Dress the part. If you can, go to the location of your interview and see what employees are wearing. Then dress in a similar fashion, but one step up. If you don’t have a way to do some pre-interview reconnaissance, opt for a simple suit with clean lines, highlighted by subtle accessories.

6. Prepare the night before by making sure your clothes are ready. Get any information you’ll be taking with you, such as a copy of your resume, ready. Practice your smile, eye contact and handshake (first impressions are important).

To prepare for a job interview, the key is to be knowledgeable, neat and not nervous.
When you use the six steps outlined here, you’ll have gone a long way to ensure
that you’ll do well in your interview.

Before your interview, if you have a case of the nerves, take three deep, belly breaths to calm yourself down. Stop in the restroom before you announce yourself and check your look in the mirror.

Make sure your hair and clothes are neat and that your makeup is in place and not on your teeth. Stand up straight and smile. Walk in confidently to announce yourself.

During your interview, ask questions about the company (without interrupting), and use positive body language – sit up straight, use good eye contact and lean slightly forward to show interest. If you don’t have a ready answer for a question, don’t panic. Take a moment to think, and then give your best answer.

After your interview, be sure to thank each person you have met, including the receptionist. Wish each a nice day. Job interviews can be nerve-racking, but with some preparation, you can ace the interview and feel confident about the results. If you don’t get the job, keep looking and move on to prepare for a job interview with another company.

Do you have any other tips to share? Please let us hear from you in the comments section. Have a happy or horror story about your interview? Share those here too!

Jan Tallent is a Virtual Assistant who LOVES to do editing, proofreading
and transcription assignments along with research, blog posts,
article submissions and social media maintenance!

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