Back it up, make a copy & back it up again!

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I am a stickler for backing up after two huge computer crashes and a domain company going out of business and BOOM! all of their customers’ files being ALL GONE with NO warning.

I always rename a page on my site that I am updating as “name2.html” – always – BUT, last night, being careless and in a hurry to update my rates page, I neglected to do so and …

what happened next was a near disaster!

ONE teeny tiny error messed up the entire page AND since I had recently cleared my web cache as well, I had no previous instance of the page to copy and start over. I do USUALLY remember to update the files on my laptop, which I use pretty much exclusively for my Twitter tweeting, Facebook commenting and my Facebook Fan Page , BUT, as luck would have it, I had not updated my laptop as I had not used it except to do client work for the past week!

Thank goodness I did make a CD backup the last time I updated the site and added the new Social Media Assistance Package or I have no idea how I would ever have fixed things on that messed up page.

So, please, take a lesson from MY mess up and make sure you:

Name any page you are updating, for example, rates.html – to rates2.html and keep checking that one as you work before making it a permanent change to rates.html

Copy your web site pages, blog posts, etc. to a CD and if possible have them also backed up to another computer or spare room on your domain

Double check that your backups are correct before you do anything permanent that can not be undone or fixed.

Enjoy your wonderful web site and/or blog!

Happy 2011 to all of us! May this be our most successful and wonderful year yet of many more to come that just get better and better!

Remember, I am a Virtual Assistant who LOVES to do editing, proofreading
and transcription assignments along with research, blog posts, article submissions
and social media maintenance!

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3 Responses to “Back it up, make a copy & back it up again!”

  1. Lance Says:

    When I first read the title… I thought “oh no, Jan learned the hard way.” but no, you are too good for that! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Jan Tallent Says:

    thanks, Lance, but NO, Jan is NOT so good or I would not have had that scary UHOH in the first place, lol

    it is from years of experiencing the horrors of NOT backing up that reminded me why I nag everyone to do so!

    I teach newbies to name a page something different before they save as edited copy and DUH, still forgot to do it.

    I thank God that I not only burn a CD every time I make changes to my web sites but also download the updated ones to my laptop ASAP

    Happy New Year, Lance. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Jan of the red face, lol
    Jan Tallent´s latest blog post Back it up- make a copy &amp back it up again!

  3. cutiepink Says:

    For me if you backup pictures with no folders selected will be very fast, a few seconds, because the information being captured is a set of small text files…Thank you

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