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Why Does Your Business Need a Facebook Fan Page?

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Tallent Agency VA Services

A Facebook fan page is more than just another way to connect with prospects and customers online. Your Facebook fan page can:

· Drive more traffic to your website

· Build your email list

· Sell more products/services

· Announce special offers and promotions

· Announce events

· Share news

· Provide value to your prospects and customers

· Share photos and videos

· Get feedback from clients and prospects

· Improve your relationships with your prospects and customers

· Improve Search Engine Optimization


· Facebook fan pages are public

· You can communicate directly with your “fans”.

· When a person joins your fan page, it’s published in their News feed – this gives a viral quality to your fan page.

· You have access to more than 500 million active users who log onto Facebook regularly and spend an average of 55 minutes per day on the site.

· Facebook is now the 2nd most visited site in the world after Google

· And Facebook fan pages are free!

Plain and simple, Facebook offers a huge potential to profit and grow your business.

I have a great workbook and checklist to help you with this process AND it is only
TEN BUCKS! Imagine what a great benefit this information can be for your business!

Remember, if you need help maintaining your Social Media accounts for Facebook
and/or Twitter and/or Linkedin , that is a service that I provide with my new
Social Media Helper Packages!

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Over the past 17+ years, Jan Tallent has spent countless hours providing writers and webmasters with free friendly tips on how to correct spelling and grammar errors in their written material.

From the feedback received she decided that since proofreading and editing help was so desperately needed, she should build a business around something she enjoys doing, while at the same time providing a valuable service to business owners and writers.

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