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5 Tips To Make Blogging Easy

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

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5 Tips To Make Blogging Easy

Many bloggers find it difficult to blog regularly.
On the other hand, other bloggers find it easy to blog everyday.

As you are aware, for your blogging to be effective, you will need
to add fresh content to your blog on a regular basis.

This article presents five tips that you can use to make blogging easy.

1. Write your blog content in advance and save it so that it’s ready to be posted everyday.

When you have time to write, try to write enough blog content that will be enough
for several days or for the whole week. You can write and save your blog posts
on your blog, and all you have to do is to publish the posts everyday.

This means that on those days when you do not have the time to write, you can
still post fresh content on your blog using the blog posts you have saved.

2. Blog about a wide range of things that relate to your niche.

Think about any information relating to your niche which your website visitors will be interested in seeing on your blog. Identify the sub-niches in your niche and write about those as well. You should never run out of ideas on what to blog about.

3. Invite your blog visitors to leave some comments relating to your posts and your niche.

This is an easy way of getting unique content on your website.
The more interaction you allow on your blog, the more content you will have on your blog.

4. Research and look for the key questions and issues that people in your niche
are interested in, and provide information that addresses those questions on your blog.

Look in the relevant forums for the hot topics that people are asking about
and provide answers to these questions on your blog.

This will make your blog useful to your visitors because it will have information
which your visitors are looking for.

This gives you a wide range of topics that you can blog about.

5. Use PLR content, customize it and make it unique and break it into blog posts.

[ this is what I have done here :-) ]

It is essential that you make the PLR content very unique,
otherwise you will be penalized for duplicate content.

Using PLR content as a starting point for your blog posts means
that you will be able to create blog content easily and quickly.

Use these five tips outlined above to make blogging easy.
The more you blog, the more traffic you drive to your website.

Remember, I am a Virtual Assistant who LOVES to do editing, proofreading
and transcription assignments along with research, blog posts, article submissions
and social media maintenance!

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Finding the RIGHT Virtual Assistant for YOU

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Tallent Agency VA Services
How To Find A Virtual Assistant

When you are thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant,
one of the things that you should remember is that you
shouldn’t go with the first Virtual Assistant that you interview.

The person is going to be an employee of yours, in a sense,
and you conduct several interviews when you are looking to fill a position.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is no different.

When you are looking for a Virtual Assistant, instead of just going to the phone book
or a search engine on the web, the first thing that you should do is to talk to others
that you have known that have used Virtual Assistants.

Find out what their experiences were with their Virtual Assistants
and if they were satisfied with what they did for them.

You can find some of MY testimonials here.

Before you conduct your interview with your Virtual Assistant,
figure out what it is that you are looking for.

What is it that you will want your Virtual Assistant
to accomplish?

Do you want the company to run more efficiently?

Do you want to cut costs?

Do you want your company to make more money?

Knowing what it is that you want to accomplish will help the Virtual Assistants
that you interview know what type of direction you are going in.

Even if your first interview goes well, keep the appointments
that you have made and talk to the other Virtual Assistants.

You may find someone that you like better, or someone
that has the same vision for your company that you do.

After you have had all of the appointments, you can make your choice.

You WILL find the Virtual Assistant who is the perfect fit for YOU and YOUR business!

Remember, I am a Virtual Assistant who LOVES to do editing, proofreading
and transcription assignments along with research, blog posts, article submissions
and social media maintenance!

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