Editing Tips I wanted to Share #2

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Today, I would like to share some more spelling helper tips. This is what I love and one of the few things I have confidence and sureness in.

Last week alone, I noticed several instances of:


being used incorrectly on web pages and blogs. Okay, if you use twitter or text a message, you will often use the shorthand “no” when you mean “know”, just as we use C for see and 2 for to, two OR too, but in any other context, no is a reply in the negative OR short for none, as in ” I have no idea”, etc.

The other know is a short version of KNOWLEDGE, as in “I don’t know.

Probably the next often one that I catch is seen and scene . Seen is the past tense of saw or see, as in, for example, ” I have seen the light. Scene is a place, like “the scene of the crime.

A detective might say, “I have seen the evidence that the perpetrator left at the scene of the robbery.”

One I do not see used often but comes to mind is sheer . This would be an adjective and one of its meanings is see-through. Its sound-the-same word that could be confused with it would be shear as when the wool is shaved off of a lamb.

Maybe surprisingly, two words that sound exactly the same that I rarely see used in the wrong context are our meaning “belonging to us” and hour which is “sixty minutes”, but that might be because the meanings are SO obvious that no one seems to get them mixed up.

My last set of words today is except and accept and I see these mixed up a LOT.

The word except is used where you want to signify an “exception” or and exclusion. “We are going to visit all of the relatives except Aunt Lucy, as she is sick.”

Accept means that you will take, allow, settle for, etc. as in, “I accept your challenge,” or “I am glad to accept your proposal.”

I am willing to accept part of the package, except for the broken glasses.”

I hope these little tips and examples are of some help to my readers.
I love proofreading and editing and knowing that a lot of online bloggers and webmasters cannot afford to hire someone to do these simple fixes for them makes me glad to share some of my very limited, but SO important, knowledge with them.

I really and truly want to see you present yourself and your business in the best possible light and although, admittedly, a lot of your visitors might not notice errors, or even CARE if they do, if even ONE potential client or customer is turned off by grammar and / or spelling errors and leaves your site with a bad impression, that is one too many!

I am fast and efficient with this service, as my satisfied clients are happy to attest to AND generally manage to proofread and edit from 4 to 5 pages or more per hour. Do NOT let the $20 per hour rate scare you off – I do not piddle around and waste YOUR time OR mine and get as much as it is possible to accurately get done in your hour AND the job is not done until YOU are satisfied, so you have nothing to lose and more time to do what you like to do or are best at to gain.

Remember, I am a Virtual Assistant who LOVES to do editing , proofreading and
transcription assignments!

Jan Tallent
Tallent Agency Virtual Assistance

573-775-4520 jan@tallentagency.com

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5 Responses to “Editing Tips I wanted to Share #2”

  1. Judy Robertson Says:

    Finally someone noticing the obvious. Today spelling is certainly not the object of writing either blogs, comments or letters. Keep up the good work and keep posting these tips – love them.

  2. Jan Tallent Says:

    Thanks, Judy, for reading the post and for your comments. I love sharing the tips and sincerely hope they help someone and yes, I will continue to add to my tip collection.

  3. Data Quality Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. It always amazes me how laziness and/ or rushed work can leave people with so many airs (jk… errors)!
    .-= Data Quality┬┤s last blog ..This is a test run – Data Advisor Week of May 03 =-.

  4. Jan Tallent Says:

    thank you, I notice I even do it myself if not careful and yes, it is being careless or lazy or rushed that makes those of us who KNOW, like ME, even more frustrated when we find our own!

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