Understanding Differences with Virtual Assistants

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Today I would like to share with you a great post by Michelle Mangen, one of my online connections.

Understanding Differences with Virtual Assistants

Frequently I am asked during consultations with new clients why there are so many “variations” between Virtual Assistants, especially with pricing .

If you own a brick and mortar business compare employees you currently have and have had in the past. When you interview a candidate what makes you chose one person over another? Why do they not all ask for the same pay?

Some of the criteria used to determine which employee to hire was probably one of the items on this list:

* past experience/skills
* education
* cost of living (geographical)
* belief in themselves (confidence)
* Personality

The same holds true for Virtual Assistants. Like any service industry no one mandates what can and should be charged.

I know Virtual Assistants who charge $20/hr for bookkeeping and others who charge $65/hr for setting up a Facebook Fan Page.

As with a true brick and mortar company you can’t always hire one person to do all things. The same holds true when hiring Virtual Assistants. Maybe you interview a VA who cannot help you with email management or handling your Aweber newsletters.

Many Virtual Assistants can do much more than what may be listed on their website. When in doubt – ask. If you believe your VA can’t perform a specific task ask if she can refer someone she can trust.

At the end of the day hiring a Virtual Assistant is very similar to hiring an employee. We are all different, yet our goal is the same … to assist you in growing your business and alleviating any stress and anxiety you may feel with running certain aspects of your business.

I welcome any questions you may have in regards to services you may be seeking but have not yet asked me about.

To YOUR success,

Michelle Mangen
The VirtualAssistant.com

P.S. I have been networking with Michelle and her specialties are bookkeeping and dealing with aWeber. Feel feel to visit her site and if you decide to try her services, please mention that Jan Tallent referred you.

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