How to decide what data to back up

Tallent Agency VA Services There are many ways you can unintentionally lose information on a computer. A child playing the keyboard like a piano, a power surge, lightning, floods. And sometimes equipment just fails.

If you regularly make backup copies of your files and keep them in a separate place, you can get some, if not all, of your information back in the event something happens to the originals on your computer.

Deciding what to back up is highly personal. Anything you cannot replace easily should be at the top of your list. Before you get started, make a checklist of files to back up. This will help you determine what to back up, and also give you a reference list in the event you need to retrieve a backed-up file. Here are some file suggestions to get you started:

  • Bank records and other financial information
  • Digital photographs
  • Software you purchased and downloaded from the Internet
  • Music you purchased and downloaded from the Internet
  • Personal projects
  • Your e-mail address book
  • Your Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Your Internet Explorer bookmarks

If you haven’t already decided where you want to store your backup copies—external hard disk drive, CDs, DVDs, or some other storage format—and you want to know more about your options, you can read about the types of external storage available.
Check that out here .

After you’ve decided what you want to back up and where you’re going to back up, you’re ready to learn how to back up. Get that info by visiting here now.

* Note from Jan Tallent:

I am the Queen of lost data and know first-hand how devastating this can be! I have had a laptop struck by lightning, 8 years of downloads, info and documents destroyed by a virus the best virus checkers money can buy MISSED, accidentally overwritten files that should have been backed up and THEN updated, etc. and it is scary, confusing, humbling and ANNOYING to have this happen.

I have been a digital product junkie for going on ten years now and have over 100 cd’s of burned copies of those, plus at least monthly burn cd’s to have a safe copy of all of my documents, current work, etc. and highly recommend that you DO back up anything and everything that you cannot afford to lose.

thanks to MicroSoft for the great article!

Jan Tallent

P.S. Remember, one of the services I offer IS data back-up, not only of the assignments and projects I perform for you but also any you care to get TO me, via email or download or snail mail and can even keep a copy for emergencies if you like, after I send you your back up!

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4 Responses to “How to decide what data to back up”

  1. Tonya Pruitt Says:

    Jan I love this article. I too over the past 10 years online have been hit by this devastating bug.

    If it’s not the viruses it was my own personal errors. So now I definitely backup all my stuff.

    Fortunately I back up my information into more than one place. I create data dvds to have a physical copy of the information I save, then I also upload all my “downloaded” stuff to my own servers within my domains.

    I always save it into a file that no one can access but myself and hide that folder from view. It’s a great way to have peace of mind knowing my hard work is safe “somewhere” 😉

    With it in two different places I never have to remember where I put it. LOL.

    Great article!

    Keep up the great work!!

    .-= Tonya Pruitt´s last blog ..tonyapruitt: @firefox releases version 3.5 I freakin love it! I love the capabilities of this new version. Continuous browsing OMG what a time saver! =-.

  2. Jan Tallent Says:

    Good morning, Tonya. First off, thanks so much for reading and commenting on this article. I really am the Queen of Lost Data even after years of reminding everyone else to BACK IT UP!

    Now, I too, upload it to domains, burn a cd or dvd of almost every important update, even forward important emails from my ISP account to my online mail accounts so I have extra back up and still find I sometimes missed backing up that one thing I was SURE would be ok, eek!

    I have kept, just for fun and since I have the space, backed up copies of my web sites, ezine issues, old software and eBook downloads from ten years ago and then store them away and just keep the past year or so of document, download, etc. cd’s at hand BUT we never know exactly what or how or when catastrophe can strike so I do not feel you CAN be too prepared or too backed up!

    Just last night, I had seesmic open, talking to some of my twitter tweethearts, was relisting some eBay listings, answering emails, etc. WHILE running my cd burner TO do my backups and EEK! computer froze, would not let me shut down the way we are supposed to and I finally had to shut down with the power button and we all know how scary that can be! I did, in fact, lose my entire hard drive content one time when the power went off here and computer shut down, so I stay paranoid about that happening again. Lucky me, all was fine, but it was a reminder that since nothing IS as important as backing up my most precious files, etc. – leave the rest shut down or ignore it until done doing the backups, duh!

    Have a super weekend, my sweet friend.

    Jan :-)

  3. Jan Tallent Says:

    Thanks. Well, as attributed, the beginning of the article came from the microsoft website and the rest is from my own experiences with backing up AND the devastation when I did not.

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